Biehl has invested greatly in technology. This foundation of our IT and accounting departments allows Biehl to customize service and adapt reports to suit the needs of our clients as well as maintain their privacy and security.

Using Microsoft Dynamics / Great Plains, we have purchased a robust accounting package which allows all facets of the company to operate through a central accounting package. With this setup, we can also export accounting information to our customers eliminating the need for double input which ensures a faster operation with no transcription errors.

Biehl has also invested in a new ship port call program. The program concept was to assist agents in their daily work to economize, standardize and systemize all port call routines.
Information is entered only once to cover various documents and figures regarding the actual port call taking place. The program satisfies all requirements for a port call management - proforma D/A calculations, vessel and client register, Statements of Facts, generating documents, expense handling, email, reports and statistics, etc. Customers also benefit from online and mobile logins so that they can track their vessels and costs in real-time.

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