Biehl & Co. is a tramp shipping agency specializing in meeting the requirements of international liner services, tanker and dry cargo charterers, operators, owners and managers.

VISION   :      To be the Ship Agency of choice.
MISSION:      To provide total quality services to our customers through experienced personnel
                          working in full service teams who are committed to excel in their duties.

Supported by two pillars of our company – integrity and fairness – we will achieve this mission by utilizing the following guidelines:

  • Be open, aware and responsive to the needs of our customers.
  • Strive to achieve the goals of our customers through tailor-made service to each customer, thorough communication and teamwork.
  • Constantly improve the quality and timeliness of our services, documentation and communication.
  • Maintain a motivational climate that stimulates the individual, helps people in their job performance, and encourages a positive attitude.

Through fulfillment of our mission, we will develop strong customer relationships and employee satisfaction. This will contribute to the ongoing success of the companies.