• 1700's
    Late 1700’s – Capt Joh Springer sailed between the US and Europe.
  • 1800's
    1837 - Henning Biehl born in Flensburg, Germany
    and father of the founder of Biehl & Co. – Carl C. Biehl.
  • 1905
    R.B. Wilkens and Carl C. Biehl form Wilkens & Biehl in Galveston, TX
    The company was heavily involved in the export of cotton and cottonseed cake.
  • Early Years
    1919 – Houston office is opened
    1935 - Carl Biehl joins the firm to assist his ailing father.
    1936 - Carl C. Biehl passes away. Carl Biehl becomes full partner in the firm.
  • 1940's
    1941 - Carl Biehl goes to Washington D.C.
    to lend his shipping expertise to the Government as Will Clayton’s assistant at the Reconstruction Finance Corporation. Later that year he assisted Conant Brewer, the head of the shipping section and worked closely with the Maritime Commission as well as the War Shipping Administration.
    1942 - Carl Biehl forms Biehl & Company
    1942 - Carl Biehl enters the army
    as a Captain in the Transportation Division of Quartermaster Corp. While stationed in England, Carl Biehl is placed in command of the Port of Bristol.
    1944 - Carl Biehl becomes assistant chief of staff to General Wm. Hoge
    who was in charge of the initial landing at Omaha Beach for the Normandy invasion.
    1945 - Carl Biehl is discharged from the army
    1945 – Carl Biehl becomes a member of the Houston Maritime Association.
    1946 - Carl Biehl reopens Biehl & Company with offices in Galveston and Houston.
    1947 - Biehl opens an office in New Orleans making it the new Head Office.
  • 1950's
    The MS Texita is christened
  • 1960's
    1966 - John Springer joins Biehl & Company as Assistant to the Executive Vice President
    1967 – Hapag Centennial (Biehl – General Agents)
  • 1970's
    1972 - Carl Biehl is commissioned an Honorary Admiral in the Texas Navy.
    1977 - John Springer named President of Biehl & Company.
    1978 – Two offshore supply boats were constructed at Campbell Industries, San Diego, CA and christened the Biehl Trader and Biehl Traveler.
    Operated by Biehl Offshore, these vessels worked on the US West Coast, mainly in Alaska.
  • 1980's
    1987 – Carl Biehl passes away.
    1989 - Biehl purchases Carolina Shipping Company which was established in 1927.
  • 1990's
    1990 - The Biehl Trader and Biehl Traveler,
    two offshore supply boats operated by Biehl Offshore, are sold.
  • 2000's
    2004 - Thomas Springer joins Biehl & Company.
    2005 - Biehl celebrates our Centennial Anniversary.
    2008 - Thomas Springer becomes Managing Director of Biehl & Company.